Behavior Policy

My classes are to be “bully” free.  This means there will be none of the following actions allowed:

  • No making fun of someone
  • No being mean/rude
  • No judging
  • No complaining

If any of these terms are violated and continue to be a problem after being given a warning, you (or your child) will be asked to leave.  I will not be giving refunds to those who choose to break these rules.  I am a fair person and I give people chances.  But the point of all this is to give people a place to truly express themselves without fear of judgment.  I will not allow that trust to be broken.

If your child has behavioral issues, please contact me prior to signing up so I can better understand the situation.

Photograph/Video Policy

I will be recording my classes from time to time, but I will almost always be taking pictures of my classes to help promote them online.  If you have a problem with this or wish to not be in the pictures of videos please let me know ahead of time!  I will be reminding everyone before every class as well.  Students are also welcomed to record themselves during class after receiving permission from me and their classmates.