In addition to spreading the hoop love with classes, I also make hoops!  Hoops will be available for purchase at every class and hopefully farmer’s markets and online soon!

Where can I get a hoop?

I make hoops and will be selling them locally.  I hope to eventually be able to ship hoops out but not right away.  You can buy hoops online from different hoop-makers, but shipping can be expensive.  I would not suggest (but I am not against) Walmart or Toys ‘R Us hoops because they tend to be filled with water or have lights that bulge out the sides; but we all have to start somewhere!

What types of hoops are there?

I offer two types of hoops currently: PE hoops and HDPE hoops.  The PE hoops are made of big black tubing and are good for beginners because they are a heavier material.  HDPE hoops are also good for beginners, but the tubing is not as thick or heavy and it also comes in a variety of colors!  If you would like to learn more about the different kinds of hoops and their purposes, please feel free to ask!

How much are your hoops?

I price my hoops based on size, tubing type, materials, and time.  PE hoops are relatively easy to make and the tubing is less expensive so those will range from $15-$20.  HDPE tubing is more difficult to work with, requires more time and equipment, and is a more expensive tubing.  HDPE hoops will likely cost anywhere between $20-$30.  Taped hoops will be the same price as the bare hoop plus however much money worth of tape is on there (plus $3-$10).  All taped HDPE hoops will have a free layer of protective tape to help it last.