I will soon be offering classes locally.  Costs for classes has yet to be determined, but will be announced once a location has been chosen.  There will be classes offered for kids and adults separately, however, parents are more than welcome to join in class with their kids.

Why should I take a class?

Hoop classes are for those who would like to give hooping a try.  Maybe it’s not for you – maybe it is!  I find hoop dancing to be a huge way to express myself and relieve stress, others enjoy the basic exercise of it, and some people just enjoy the community aspect of it.  Whatever your reason may be, give it a shot!  What do you have to lose?

What happens in class?

Classes will run about an hour long: 15 minutes of warm up, 30 minutes of hooping, and 15 minutes of cool down.  These classes are meant to be fun.  Everyone learns at their own pace and everyone prefers different hooping styles.  Classes will cover the basics and up for those ready to learn more.  There is no rush or pressure.  We are all learning together.

I don’t have a hula hoop.

I will be providing hula hoops for each class.  I will also have hoops available for sale at every class.

Are there any rules?

I have a strict no disrespect policy.  Anyone who shows disrespect to me or their classmates will be asked to leave the class.  No refunds.  No exceptions.

What if I can’t do it?

You can.  It can be tricky and it can get frustrating.  But I promise that if you are willing to work with me, then I am willing to work with you.  You’ll be surprised what you can do.

Will you do one-on-one lessons?

I can do that!  If you feel like you’re ready to learn a bit more than what’s offered in the classes or just need some extra help we can work something out.