Hula Hooping – It’s Not How You Remember It…



I have been told that playing with a plastic circle seems like an old school, childish hobby: those thoughts do not linger too long once people see what it means nowadays to be a hula hooper.  Hooping has evolved into more than just a sidewalk game since the 1950s.  The hoop is often used in rhythmic gymnastic and in some exercise programs.  We are not all gymnasts, nor are we all trying to develop a six pack; but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the treasures that hoop dance has to offer.

Hoop dance is a more recent form of expression that has become popular the past few decades.  With hoop dance comes the ability to express one’s self while caring for and directing the control of a hoop.  Along with being a great form of cardio, hooping also helps to build strength and flexibility.  More than the physical attributes of hooping are the mental ones.  I have come to know and grow close to many hoopers who use hooping as a way to cope with things like depression, OCD, ADHD, anxiety, stress, and other medical conditions that make it hard to really enjoy life.  It’s reasons like this that I feel this need to share the art of hooping with others.  I wish that I had discovered this when I was younger; high school would have been much easier to deal with.

Hoop dance brings confidence, hand-eye coordination, focus, and freedom all together into a wonderful package that can turn the worst of days into the most beautiful of dances.